Sherlock and the clock

The fresco and the making

The involvement of the community

Neighbours, clients, friends were invited to take a picture with the artwork in progress so their picture could be posted on social media showing their support and gratitude to the Health professionals.  It has added a lot of fun in the making and I thank all of them for meeting with us at the store.


Coordinated by Yola Guz AIFD School of Floral Design , with 15 Floral Artists and with the generous contribution of 19 sponsors.

Jackson Memorial Hospital Installation

Sunday 12th July, 2020


Monday 13th July, 2020


The meaning

TIC-TOC,  said the clock.

What time is it?  said Sherlock

It is time to change !  This time has come… answered the clock

Why can’t you STOP?  asked Sherlock

I cannot stop…I am the bearer of life, the creator of time…
Why don’t YOU change? asked the clock. 

Your world has lost its balance, NOT ME… said the clock
I am a constant, I do not change.
I can offer you stability and you can lean on me.
Listen to those unanswered prayers, those cries of pain around the world…  said the clock

But HOW?  said Sherlock
I am just ONE !  I cannot change the world on my own…

That’ s right ! said the clock
But then, why don’t you try to change WITH the world ?

Only if you change from the inside, you can reach the outside.
Tune in to the world heart beat, and everything will become clear.  said the clock
Hold your neighbor s’ hands from Male to Miami, from New York to Paris, 

Tokyo to Moscow, Bamako to Rio de Janeiro…

I understand. Said Sherlock
Let us be all citizens of the world, NO MORE Frontiers…
Let us protect our future, LIFE on earth.

TOGETHER, ONLY TOGETHER we can succeed and find PEACE


About the author

Veronique CHICHERIE TOUBOUL AIFD – CFD is an accredited Floral Designer from the American Institute of Floral Designers.

Nationality: French

Works at French Floral Designs, Miami


Dimension  5.5’ X 4’

Technique:  Wiring -Papier mâché -Collage -Painting.

The Fresco is an illustration of the “poem” Sherlock and the Clock, written by same artist at the beginning of the pandemic.

“A Message of PEACE AND UNITY” to share with the world

Message from the author to the Health Professionals at Jackson s Hospital:

“It is a great honor to donate this fresco to the Jackson Memorial Hospital for the incredible dedication of the whole healthcare staff in Miami and around the world.  There is no better place for this artwork than in a Hospital where people CARE for others”



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