Between Two Worlds

When the end of the year comes, at French Floral Designs, we like to send small gifts to our main accounts to thank them for their support and loyalty during the year.

2020 has been quite a year…full of surprises… I thought this year it was important to put some words on our emotions to instill hope in people’s hearts.
2020 has shaken our beliefs and our state of consciousness, letting us “disarmed” and feeling vulnerable to what the future could hold for us.
As a creative Floral Designer/Writer , I was hoping the poem “Between Two Worlds” in a Christmas card could do just that…
100 paper cards were mailed out to our clients and also to international spiritual and political leaders, journalists, environmentalists, General Medical Council and foundations throughout the world. Hundreds of e-cards were sent to family and friends, clients, colleagues, schools and via groups on Social Media.

So, my wish for us all in 2021 is that we all inspire each other to create a better, fairer and more sustainable world. Together we can.

Veronique Chicherie Touboul AIFD-CFD

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